(3) step-by-step beauty

With his extensive International experience as a Hair & Make-up Artist for photo productions, Alexander Becker helped clients to feel great and look beautiful on the outside. Now, alexanderbecker.com brings you his system out the beauty from within.
(3) step–by-step beauty SYSTEM is activated following these steps:
(1.) Beauty from within + (2.) Skin optimization + (3.) Make-up with Airbrush technology to bring out the individual “inner” beauty to the “outer”. The alexanderbecker.com (3) step-by-step beauty Program works on the principle of awareness, that everybody carries the innate gift of natural beauty.

The combination of all three components of:

Guarantees a “HYBRID” transformation effect, bringing the beauty from within to the outer appearance and giving the individual the ‘know how’ to realize their fullest potential.