STEP (1) = Beauty from within…

Our 24-hour functioning cell system with approx. 1.2 trillion interconnected cells can be optimized with the best biological nutrients and vital ingredients.

BIO-logical organic-rich nutrients allow our body to have the best functioning cell-regeneration.

Positive energy (+/-) and physical activity awakens our cells and allows us to radiate.


You are what you eat…

Organically grown micro-algae in conjunction with nutrient-rich compounds from certified-grown fruits and herbs improve the body's mental and physical regeneration and vitality.

The AERA SYNERGO formula ingredients are selected for their individual vitality and nutrient combination effect in our cells...

It’s necessary, for the long term, to protect every individual DNA code in the nucleus. When enough antioxidants (+) are present, the cells are able to more effectively eliminate "free radicals " (-).

This reduces the aging process and contributes to greater vitality and a "plus" of energy = aura!!!